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Research Area
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European projects in progress

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The scientific and technological research activities of the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO are divided into Faculty and University research activities.

The University Research Activities

The University Research Activities aim at developing system, process and technology innovations for face-to-face and distance teaching and learning. The results of the research activities allowed the creation of the UNINETTUNO platform and its didactic cyberspace where teaching and learning are carried out in an interactive and collaborative way in five languages.  

The UNINETTUNO University is a real multidisciplinary research laboratory where the hypotheses of application of new technologies on teaching and learning processes are first tested and, after having verified their scientific validity, they become operational practice, therefore they are in continuous evolution, as well as the evolution of UNINETTUNO psycho-pedagogical model.
"(Prof. Maria Amata Garito, UNINETTUNO Rector)

Most of these researches are funded by the research programs of the European Commission and are carried out with the collaboration of businesses, universities and research centers from different European countries. The main research branches of the University concern:

  • Research and Innovation on technologies applied to teaching and learning processes, and in particular on eXtended Reality and immersive-collaborative teaching models, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Learning Analytics and Data Science applied to digital education;
  • Inclusion and social innovation to open academic and professional teaching and research activities to vulnerable groups (migrants and refugees, students with specific learning needs, students with sensory disabilities, students from socio-economically disadvantaged areas);
  • Innovation in organizational models, curricular, competency frameworks, and quality assessment in higher education.

In the “University Research Activities” section, it is possible to consult the running and concluded research projects, described in detail with regard to objectives, international partnerships, planned and completed activities, and developed research products.

Faculty Research Activities

The Faculty Research Activities are developed on the scientific-disciplinary fields of UNINETTUNO professors and researchers and range from studies on nuclear fusion to Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Enterprise 4.0, Digital economy, psychological-cognitive aspects related to Social Media and Artificial Intelligence, issues related to Law in the digital society, Cybersecurity, Digital Cultural Heritage, studies on migrant cultures and gender issues.

There are several scientific partnerships with universities and international research institutes such as RIKEN (Japan), NASA, the Chinese Space Agency, the Italian Space Agency, INFN, INGV, INAF and many others. Nuclear fusion studies are carried out in collaboration with MIT, Boston.

The research laboratories are embedded in the UNINETTUNO University technology platform, including hardware and software, distributed computing, and computer-based links with other research laboratories worldwide. These allow researchers to carry out their activity using the network to exchange data, standardize research protocols and share materials, equipment and laboratories with other international research centers and groups and to work together at a distance. In addition, agreements with the CNR (Consiglio Nazionale delle Richerche - Italian Research Council) allow the use of their research laboratories as well.

Also with regard to the humanities, researchers can access through the Web to the collections of many libraries in the world. Through connections available at UNINETTUNO it is possible not only to work in constant contact with colleagues but also to access databases of the most prestigious national and international online journals of many disciplines.

The details on the research branches, the research projects in progress and the scientific publications for each Faculty are available in the "Faculty Research Activities" section.

Impact of research work on UNINETTUNO's educational offer

Innovation for UNINETTUNO is also present in the educational offer: new degree courses were designed with the aim of making students acquire competences that meet the needs of a global, digital and constantly evolving labor market. An example are the new degree courses in Cultural Heritages and Digital Memory and Law in Digital Society, Public Institutions and Digital Media, Digital Corporate Communication, Business Management and Digital Technologies, Digital Economy, Big Data, Cybersecurity, Green Energy, Industry 4.0, Neuroscience and Cyberpsychology.

The synergy between research and education is finally found in the two Research Doctorates aimed at studying the impact of technologies in current social contexts: