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Online Training Project in cooperation with ENEL

What is the Re-Generation online training project?
The Re-Generation online training project was born from the cooperation between ENEL and the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO with the aim of offering the opportunity to participate in short academic training paths (SLP - Short Learning Program) aimed at updating professional skills, in e-learning mode on the online didactic platform with UNINETTUNO model and technologies.

ENEL bears the costs of your training
Thanks to the collaboration between UNINETTUNO and ENEL, the enrolment and participation costs of the employees who join the initiative are entirely borne by the company*.

The costs for the completion of the course of study and the admission to the exam, in order to obtain the training credits and the completion diploma, will be borne by the company only if the employee has reached the minimum participation and attendance requirements (see Terms and Conditions - Didactic Regulations). However, no additional fee will be charged for those who do not total the minimum attendance requirement.

Study online and get university credits
The training courses, if successfully completed by the students, will give the possibility to obtain University Training Credits (ECTS), which can be used for the enrolment in new complete training courses such as degree courses at UNINETTUNO University and in all European Universities. The credits awarded are in line with the European Commission ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) standards and with the European Qualification Framework (EQF) professional qualification system.

Acquire knowledge and skills in strategic areas
Three thematic areas of training and thirteen programs have been identified in line with the most strategic areas of study and training in the Digital Society and with the professional skills most in demand today in the working world. During registration, each student will be able to choose only one of the following programs:

SLP Area Digital Economy

  • Digital Technologies for companies
  • Big Data and company databases
  • IT for networked organizations
  • Marketing, E-Business and E-Commerce
  • Management of company innovation

SLP Area Law in the Digital Society

  • Law of media and of personal data 
  • Law of communications in a digital environment
  • Law and the new technologies - Part I
  • Law and the new technologies - Part II 
  • Criminal law in computer technology and cybercrime

SLP Area IT and Digital Technologies

  • Advanced Web-based Technologies
  • Basics of Big Data
  • Artificial Intelligence

When does course delivery begin?
The courses will be offered in two delivery cycles, each followed by two exams sessions; this organizational model will allow greater flexibility in the choice phase for interested students, who will be able to better plan the choice of the course and the most suitable period to follow it.

The first delivery cycle started in the middle of April 2021, the second one will start in October  20th, 2021.

To join the program is mandatory the registration to the UNINETTUNO platform, following the process indicated below; the registration for the second cycle delivery will start from September 15th to October 5th 2021.

Delivery cycle Start End First session Second session

First delivery cycle

15 April 2021

May 2021

June 2021

July 2021

Second Delivery cycle

20th October 2021

12th January 2022

January 2022

February 2022

Flexibility in exam dates
At the end of each course, two exam sessions will be offered one month apart and, starting from 15 days after the end of the course, the admitted students will be able to retake the exam in both the exams related to the course they were admitted to.

Study flexibility and attendance rules
The course attendance will be verified by the tracking and statistics systems of the learning environments of the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO. In particular, those who, at the end of the delivery period, will have viewed at least 70% of the total minutes of the single videolessons included into the Short Learning Program they are attending will be considered as attending students.

How to enroll in the programs
Admission and enrolment to the training courses must be completed by the interested people through the enrolment and registration page of the UNINETTUNO portal (download the enrolment procedures).

Admission is free* for ENEL employees who, during the registration phase, will indicate their personal e-mail address and will accept the conditions of the student contract, the  Terms and Conditions – Didactic Regulations and Privacy Statement .

The registration phase to join the second delivery cycle will close October 5th, 2021; in the following days, following validation by ENEL, students will be contacted by the University for the conclusion of enrollment procedures and the start of study activities.

In case of need, please get in touch with us
The UNINETTUNO Students' Secretariat can be contacted at the following email address

Already enrolled students can contact the specific Office according to the reference area of their Short Learning Program:


* ENEL will take care of recognizing the payment of the enrollment to all students who join the initiative (down payment of 50% of the total amount due) and the full payment of the courses (balance of 50% of the total amount due) to students who have viewed at least 70% of the total minutes of the individual videolessons of the Short Learning Program chosen. If students have not totaled the minimum attendance requirements for full payment of the course, they will not be required to pay in full. The students will interrupt their course of study and will be able to resume it later, establishing exclusively with UNINETTUNO, according to its regulations, the modes and times for the payment of the remaining amount for the resumption of their studies.