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Guide lines new partners

International academic cooperation is a key component of UNINETTUNO’s philosophy. Having students coming from 140 countries and academic agreements with universities and governments aimed at harmonizing study programs and at sharing curricula, the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO is among the internationally leading online universities.
The academic agreements and partnerships developed with UNINETTUNO follow the main policy lines of the Bologna Process as regards the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) and of harmonization of the curricula.
Thanks to our many agreements with the Universities of Europe, of the Mediterranean Area and of the Middle East, United States, Latin America, China, Russia, Mongolia, Iraq, Georgia and of many other Countries, by studying online on UNINETTUNO’s platform, the students can earn a qualification that is acknowledged in their countries of origin, in Europe and in Italy and the partner Universities can implement their educational offer including new distance teaching courses.
Below some of the opportunities given to the partners of UNINETTUNO’s network:

  • Sharing UNINETTUNO’s online learning platform which is available in 5 languages (Arabic, Greek, English, French and Italian)
  • Sharing of the distance teaching model, based on the new technologies, designed by the Rector of the University, prof. Maria Amata Garito, and recognized by the international scientific community with a number of prizes and publications.
  • Launch of educational activities for the training and administrative staff for using the new distance teaching and learning technologies.

In order to submit an application and join the network of UNINETTUNO’s partners you have fill in a special application form (in .rtf format).
Here you can find the document  guide lines and procedures for partnerships  in .pdf format) describing the opportunities, the guide lines and procedure to join our Network.
Any requests, information and applications must be sent to:
UNINETTUNO IAO - International Affairs Office
Supervisor: Dr. Nicola Paravati