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Destinazione comune, Uninettuno and the University for Refugees

The project with the Ministry of the Interior and the European Union for the integration of international or subsidiary protection holders

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The project Destinazione comune,(Common destination) aims at creating integrated, multi-action and personalised paths enhancing participation, socio-economic and socio-cultural inclusion of international or subsidiary protection holders in the Lazio region. The project is coordinated by Programma Integra, one of the most active associations in the sector of reception and integration of immigrant citizens, refugees and asylum seekers. The project is financed by the 2014-2020 Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (FAMI) of the Ministry of the Interior, Specific Objective 1. Asylum - National Objective ON 1 - letter c) - Strengthening the 1st and 2nd reception system – Call: Creation of individual pathways for socio-economic autonomy.

Destinazione Comune relies on the positive experience gained by UNINETTUNO with the conception and implementation of the University for Refugees,  the first e-learning platform in the world in the English, French, Italian and Arabic languages that allows asylum seekers and political refugees to have access to university and continue their studies or enrol in professional qualification and retraining courses. It’s a tool designed to promote the acquisition of skills and knowledge that can enhance constructive participation in the social, cultural and economic life of the host countries.

Thanks to Destinazione comune project, 20 international and subsidiary protection holders residing in the Lazio region will gain free access to University courses aimed at achieving a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree at UNINETTUNO University.

In order to apply to one of the 20 scholarships and access the UNINETTUNO University for Refugees candidates must be part of the target group identified by the Ministry of the Interior (international or subsidiary protection holders who are about to leave the refugee camp or have left since no longer than 18 months, residing in the Lazio region) and must submit their application by filling out the pre-application form. A scientific committee within the University will screen the applications and select the 20 students who will be eligible for the scholarships.

The students selected by the scientific committee will receive support both from an academic point of view (they will be assigned mentors and tutors who will monitor their study path and support them when necessary), and in the registration and administrative procedures (submission of documents, enrolment practices, student career management).

The delivery of the courses will begin in May 2021.

In order to participate to the selection process candidates must fill out the pre-application form and send it to the email address:

The education level required to access University are the following:

  • For 1st cycle degree
    • High school degree achieved after a 12 year study cycle
    • High school degree achieved after a 11 year study cycle and 1 year of university
    • High school degree achieved after a 10 year study cycle and 2 year of university studies
  • For 2nd cycle degree: 1st cycle degree
  • For a Master: 2nd cycle degree