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The University in the XXI century, between tradition and innovation

Di: Maria Amata Garito


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- Pub Date: June 2015
- Pages: 174

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This book is not only the arrival point of the long scientific research activity realised by Maria Amata Garito, but it identifies a new way to evolve the traditional universities in order to link them to the real needs of our globalised and interconnected society. The Internet with its lights and shadows, is the largest public space that the world has never had. It connects the human thought at a global level that requires a new model of education, and, thus, a new model of university.

From the historical analysis of the university models from the Middle Ages to the present it was evidenced as the University of the XXI Century is at a crossroads between atrophy and renaissance, stagnation and renewal. Almost all over the world today it is debating the fact that the traditional university is no longer able to meet the needs of the digital natives, the new generation of students, who call into question the model of the traditional university, whose transformation is no longer a choice, but a urgent necessity.

Furthermore, two new university models, that NETTUNO Consortium and of the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO, are described in the book. Both models were able to anticipate the future, creating a technological network supported by a network of people, intelligences of the North and South of the World that, with no more space and time limits, jointly develop new knowledge and learning to build the future.

From the preface by Paolo Prodi:

“One of the most widespread fraught with danger mistakes made in the process of discussing the university “reform” is to oppose to an old and stale traditional university a university of the future based on the new technologies without time and space limits. In my opinion, the utility of this book written by a professor like Maria Amata Garito, who tried difficulties of this passage in years of practical and experimental work, is needed, above all, to combat this misunderstanding: the new university may not come into being in a vacuum but has to develop using the millenarian tradition in the new communication network of knowledge.”

Table of contents

  1. The XXI century: the knowledge society
  2. The history of the university: from Medieval university to online university
  3. The University of the XXI century
  4. A global network for university: MOOCs
  5. Reinventing the university
  6. From NETTUNO’s model to the International Telematic University Uninettuno


Maria Amata Garito è is full professor of psycho-technologies, president and rector of the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO.
In 1992 she designed and directed the first Italian distance university, Consorzio NETTUNO. She supervised and participated in over 50 international research projects that allowed her to create a new organizational and psycho-pedagogic model that was applied to UNINETTUNO University. On behalf of UNESCO she designed the ARAB OPEN UNIVERSITY in Kuwait. She designed and directed the only European Television of Knowledge, RAI NETTUNO SAT. She was awarded several international prizes including the International E-learning Award - Academic Division assigned by IELA – International E-Learning Association. She authored over 100 publications.

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