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The NETTUNO system works in the field of vocational training and retraining since beginning ‘90s; below you find some of the most significant examples of UNINETTUNO activities in this field:

  • in 1994 NETTUNO retrained the Italian steel factories’ workers to the informatics systems;
  • in 2000, through SOSA Project (Operational Systems, Open Systems) retrained the staff from the Italian Public Administration to UNIX e WinNT systems;
  • By Med Net'U project developed 25 vocational training courses, produced and delivered in 4 languages (Italian, Arabic, English and French), including Business Administration, Training of trainers, eWork, eCommerce, Informatics Literacy, etc.;
  • As an outcome of Med Net’U project, through the NETTUNO Technological Pole created in 2006 at the premises of the Moroccan Minister of Labour –Vocational Training Department – UNINETTUNO delivered informatics literacy and professional retraining courses to the whole Moroccan Public Administration’s staff;
  • In the framework of EDICT Project - Enterprise Development through Information and Communication Technologies – funded by the Italian Foreign Affairs Ministry and developed by UNINETTUNO in collaboration with UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization), UNINETTUNO in the three Iraqi governorates of Erbil, Thi-Qar, Baghdad and Basra built up four Technological Poles, and designed and developed courses – that are currently being delivered – on entrepreneurial development and Enterprise Creation and Growth, producing the videolessons and implementing an e-learning platform specifically dedicated to the project and modelled on the UNINETTUNO platform.

UNINETTUNO Businesses cooperation models

The cooperation relationships with UNINETTUNO may be implemented according to the following models:

  • Cooperation with UNINETTUNO for the staff enrolment to the university courses or to specific modules included into the educational offer to the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO;
  • Cooperation with UNINETTUNO for the staff vocational training and retraining by means of tailor-made training courses.